Climate Monitoring System

The HVAC monitoring system requires a display screen to show various parameters such as room temperature, soil temperature, humidity, water temperature, EH, and pH for different types of plants, including Hydroponics, Saffron, and Yorii. The number of cameras may vary depending on the plant size. There are two types of user IDs: Administrator ID and General ID. The Administrator ID can access all plants, while the General ID can access only the plants owned by their company. The system should be compatible with different devices such as browsers, smartphones, and tablets. Data output in Excel or CSV format is possible, but only for the Administrator ID. Data archiving and backup mechanisms need to be in place, and a help guide is not available at the moment. The expected concurrent access number is not specified, but the system needs to be prepared for inquiries in advance. The licensing plan includes around 1000 plants in the future, with about 20 additions per year.

Key Features

  • Live monitoring
  • Graphically view of sensor values
  • Data exporting